The first week of my year-long business building workshop was surprisingly easy to complete. You’ve already read about the first task; finding your best domain name.

Using short, clear videos I was guided through finding high quality hosting, installing WordPress and writing my first blog post.

High quality hosting is a must for your website, right from the beginning. It’s got to be fast and reliable, with first-class support. I ended up choosing the company that was recommended by the internet marketing course creator, John Thornhill.

D9 Hosting are everything that was promised, and I’m extremely pleased with them. Their support is excellent and I don’t think you’ll find better hosting without paying the earth for it. I’m even recommending them to my friends, so my reputation is really on the line! Check them out here.

Installing WordPress was a breeze, then another clear video took me through applying the correct settings to the blog. Effortless learning!

For me, the most difficult thing that I had to do was write my first blog post. I think that I found that challenging for two reasons; I wasn’t used to writing articles, and the world was going to see whatever it was that I wrote!

Not being used to writing wasn’t something that I was going to get hung-up on. In fact, this business building course is so good that there’s even a video that guides you through writing your first post. Examples of things to write about and confident tutoring, along with a desire to succeed online soon got me through. The other thing worth mentioning is that the writing becomes easier the more you do it. End of problem!

You can see my first blog post here.

What about the whole world seeing what I wrote?

Well, that’s just a confidence thing again. I thought about it for a while, and decided that I actually was some kind of internet marketing authority because I knew about a great course that other people didn’t. Also, within a week, my first week, here I was with my future online marketing website published. And I still had another 51 weeks to go with the course!

Where do you think I’ll end up? Certainly not another internet marketing failure, I’ll guarantee you that!

If you are interested in becoming an online success, take the first step and watch this presentation.

Get your online journey started within your first week!

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