There are so many ways of monetizing your blog, but week seven of my online marketing course introduced a few of them that I can begin to use right now.

Google Adsense

First of all, there’s Google Adsense. The way Adsense works is that you get paid every time a visitor to your blog clicks on an advert. Easy, eh? It’s a great way to monetize your blog, almost right from the start. Not quite straight away, though.

Try to make sure that you have at least ten blog posts written before you sign-up, or Google might reject your blog, turn you down and leave you without a source of income that could have made you thousands over the years. I’m not sure if you could try again or not, but common sense says that you should be able to.

Don’t be tempted to click on your own adverts, either. Google are smart, and they have a whole load of computers working for them! You will get found out, and you will be barred from monetizing your website using Adsense. Really.

Besides that, it’s fraud, and this website is about ethical digital marketing!

Just register for Google Adsense, follow the instructions and embed the ads on your blog using the HTML widget in OptimizePress. You’ll need to have a Google account and have original content on your blog. Google are actually very, very smart; if your content isn’t your own, you will be found out.

Google Adsense lets you choose the format of the adverts that are shown; display ads, rich media ads or text ads, and you can even change the colour to match your site theme.

What more do you want? Google does everything else, including paying you. You’re monetizing your blog with virtually no effort. All you have to do is write good content and get those visitors to your site.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is something to seriously consider when monetizing your blog. The way it works is that you register with a ‘marketplace’ on the internet, find products that you feel you can recommend, and then promote them using your website.

When a visitor clicks on a link in your post or advert, they get taken to the sellers sales pages for that product. If they go on to buy, you get paid a commission. That’s your involvement finished; the seller provides after-sales support and delivery of the product. What a great arrangement!

There are thousands of places to go and find an affiliate program, but two of the biggest are Clickbank and JVzoo. Why not take a look at them, register for an account and then start monetizing your blog by promoting good products!

Have you already monetized your blog? Who are you using and how are you getting on? Let me know in the comments!

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    • Mark Davies

      Interesting read Graham , particuarly as I’m in the process of thinking of ways to do exactly this . Thanks for sharing .

      • Graham

        Thanks, Mark. Nice of you to say so!

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