Basic list building in email marketing might seem to be difficult to learn, if only because of information overload. Well, it’s made easy in week three of the internet marketing course that I’m doing; Partnership To Success.

List building in email marketing seems to always come across as difficult when you read ‘guru’ blogs on the internet. A guru is really a spiritual teacher or leader, by the way; especially in Buddhism and Hinduism. Not some kind of internet expert.

In reality, building a list is quite simple. First, you need somewhere to build your list! You need to choose an autoresponder! There are enough out there to choose from, which once again makes building your list seem complicated.

What lots of email list builders don’t consider is the deliverability of their emails. If your emails don’t get into your subscribers inboxes, your list is worth absolutely nothing. Zip. Nada.

List building in email marketing shouldn’t be about cost either, because your email list is the foundation of your income. Yes, there are many other income streams to be developed, but your subscriber list is the main source of your income. How many times have you read or heard that “the money is in the list”?

So don’t scrimp on the autoresponder that you choose. Pick the best, not the cheapest, right from the start!

Aweber for list building in email marketingWhat I’ve been taught, and after using it I agree, is that AWeber is the best autoresponder for list building in email marketing. It is also the best autoresponder for ethical internet marketers, is easy to use compared to others and it has great deliverability rates.

Aweber isn’t the most expensive, either. But it is the best for our purpose, which is email marketing.

Getting back to week three of my internet marketing course, and using Aweber, I learned how to create my first email list and how to write the first two emails that are automatically sent to people who subscribe.

The first email was to confirm that they had subscribed to my email list. The second email was a follow-up email to say thank you, and to let subscribers know what to expect in the future. Nice.

I also now know how to add ‘broadcast’ emails and send them to my email list. So when I create a new blog post, for example, I can let subscribers know. That new blog post may be about a product I’ve released, by the way. Which leads to income for me, and happy subscribers with a great new product.

I can build a relationship with my email subscribers. Be a friend, source of humour or inspiration. Share my happiness. Hint at my woes. Solve a problem. Pose a question. Take an interest.

Which is exactly what marketing should be, especially when you’re list building in email marketing. A relationship with people who have trusted you with their email address.

Carry that ethos with you once your list is established, and you’ll have huge financial success. But you’ll also have solved a problem for lots of people, or helped lots of folks, by providing them with a great product.

It’s no use having an email list without having a way for people to subscribe to it. So the next part of the course was all about how to create a sign-up form in OptimizePress, link it to Aweber and display the form on different areas of my blog.

week three completeOnce again, everything was taught using short, clear and  straight-to-the-point videos. Don’t you wish that you had advice like that? For a whole year, from beginning to successful.

Week three of my internet marketing course complete!

Book your spot on this free webinar, stop messing around, and start your internet success story now!

And when you’re list building in email marketing, never forget that you’re building a relationship with subscribers who have trusted you with their email address. You’re not selling to them.


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