Improving the look of my blog was the week-two topic of the online marketing course that I’m working through. It’s not really ‘work’, by the way. Very enjoyable!

There were more steps than I had been given before, each precisely explained by instructional video, but this was only the second week of the course and the first week really had been easy.

One of the first things we were taught this week was how to organise our files; plugins and pictures that we use on the blog. That was so that we knew where to find content that we had used in the past. Disaster can always strike, right? Even with backups.

Maybe we would want to edit a picture that we had used previously. Lots of possible reasons, but keeping an organised, hard record of media and plugins that had been used makes sense.

Next came one of the most important steps that anyone needs to take when they’re setting-up a WordPress website. What theme & page-builder do I use?


For any type of internet marketer, the answer is a total no-brainer; OptimizePress. No arguments.

OptimizePress Page BuilderOptimizePress is a page and sales-funnel builder, built by marketers, for marketers. It enables you to build pages and sales funnels quickly and easily from a template library. All you have to do is choose a template, or set of templates, very easily customise them, and publish.

Often, online marketing involves getting landing, sales and other pages published quickly. Speed is of the essence sometimes; it can seriously affect your income! The same with creating sales funnels. OptimizePress gives you the power to do that, without an impossible learning curve.

At the time of writing this, OptimizePress v3 has just been released, and it’s a brand new generation of pagebuilder to internet marketers, raising the bar to new levels. Loads more power & speed at your fingertips, and easier to use. Even for you, because there are plenty of understandable videos on how to do things with OptimizePress. They’re well organised, and being added-to fast.

The WordPress theme that comes bundled with OptimizePress is called SmartTheme, which is the theme used on this website for my general blog posts. It’s a great blog theme which is easy to get going with. It’s also very easy to customise for the look and feel that you want on your website. And because the brand new version has just come out, the theme is going to get even better over the weeks and months ahead.

If you’re just visiting for the first time you won’t notice, but I’m constantly improving the look of my blog using SmartTheme and OptimizePress.

Finishing Week Two

Week Two FinishedThere were three more tasks before I could say that I had finished week two. Adding graphics, writing an ‘About Me’ page and adding any pages created to the main menu.

Adding website graphics might sound complicated, but it was actually really easy with SmartTheme. I’d also taken advantage of an exclusive offer for members of this course, and had custom graphics created for a knockdown price. They’re good, were produced and delivered very quickly and I’m very happy with them. If I want to change them at some time in the future when I’m more established, I’ll go back to the same designer with no hesitation.

Writing a page about myself was an interesting exercise!

I wanted to get across to readers that I was human, someone that people could relate to. Yes, I’ve got a lot of skills; and I’ve not really mentioned those on my page. Why not? Because I want you to understand that anyone can do what I’m doing now. You don’t need any special skills, because you’re taught everything that you need to succeed. You really can do it; find out more by reserving your spot here.

For the same reasons, I touched on the tragedies in my life. I didn’t want to make a big deal of it all, but it took me 10 years to recover. I became totally useless, and if I can do what I’m doing now, so can you! Take a look at my ‘About Me‘ page, and drop in a comment to let me know what you think.

Oh! Adding pages to the main menu was easy!

What Do You Think?

So, I’m improving the look of my blog. What do you think?

Let me know below!



    8 replies to "Improving The Look Of My Blog"

    • Linda

      Your blog looks great Graham. I like the appearance and layout as well as the eye-catching images that you use in your blog posts.

    • Graham

      Thank’s Linda! I get a lot of my images from, and then resize them to 1280×720 to use as the featured image. They’d be much too big and slow to download otherwise. Some, I edit a bit more in Photoshop, but most are OK after they’ve been cropped to get the bit I want central in the image, and then sized-down.

    • Linda

      Thank you for sharing this resource, Graham. I’ve already used it to update some images on my blog and will be adding it to my list of recommended resources.

      • Graham

        My pleasure! Glad you’re finding it useful. 🙂

    • Hank Rooney

      Hello Graham,
      I am like you a P2S member. Your site looks good? Ofcourse it does! You like it and that is the most important part. If people don’t like it they just leave and you can see that in your analysis. How long are they on your site and what pages are visited. Don’t forget to implement the Adsense ads. You can choose where ever you want them to appear. It is just a matter of the choice of the plugin you use. I would choose the plugin that is upgraded a short time ago and many times. But then again it is just the plugin that works fine for you. Everything looks great so keep on going. You might want some more affiliate offer links between the text. Why not? Try it. I was advised by Randy to talk less and add more ads between the text. More pictures or images whatever you name it in the story to keep people reading and get them more engaged. Some flavour will do good!
      Just play with it and you will do fine!
      greetings from Delft.

      • Graham

        Thanks for your input and advice, Hank – all things that I will do in the near future.
        We’ve been moving house since you posted your comment, and the ensuing chaos of rebuilding work has slowed me down to almost a stop.
        Everything is almost at the point where I can get up to flank-speed again.
        2020 will be a great year!

    • Martin Platt

      Hi Graham,

      I have used a lot of platforms, including hand coding funnels, themes including customizing my own. And I can say without a doubt, that OP3 is a really fantastic theme / funnel builder etc.

      I still feel like I’m not using OP# to its full potential. It’s fantastic, does things like serving up webp images if you use the op builder. I’m still using the built in WP editor, which means that doesn’t work, but I’m definitely going to have a go at a post with the OP builder, and see how that goes.

      Great post, good to see how you’re going on P2S.


      Martin Platt.

      • Graham

        Thanks, Martin. I’ve just moved home, so I can get going again now. That’s one of the great attractions of affiliate marketing – you’re flexible! Best of luck!

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