Finding your best domain name was the first item on the checklist of this internet marketing course. Which makes a whole lot of sense, I’m sure you’ll agree, considering that the course is all about establishing and building an online marketing business!

Most people who are starting out online will pick something that they think is good, but finding your best domain name takes some thinking about. People often pick really, really bad domain names.

The big companies are fine, they already have a name and an established brand.

A start-up company with a big budget will be able to spend a huge amount of money building a brand by inventing a new word, registering it as a domain name and keeping on advertising until the brand and domain name is working for them. Putting them in a whole lot of debt to some lender, I’m sure.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen examples of totally insane domain names making-it online because of vast advertising budgets. They’re everywhere! See how many you notice over the next few days.

Unfortunately, people who haven’t got any advertising budget at all also think they can do that. It doesn’t work, except if you’re the type of person that’s lucky enough to win the lottery once or twice!

Nope. When you’re starting out as an internet marketer, YOU are the brand. Or you will be, if you’re serious. You have to build your brand (YOU) from the very beginning. So the very best domain name for you, at the start, should be your name.

I must admit that I had a few reservations about this when I realised the truth. My name? Seriously? Me, exposed on the internet for everyone to see? What about my past workmates, friends, family, loves and (gulp) wives?

Well, you have to decide what’s important to you right now. If you owned a shop on main street, and someone you knew from the past walked in, would you hide in the back?

If you can’t answer that, then there’s a huge probability that you need to change your way of thinking. You simply cannot do business anywhere if you feel the need to hide in some way. That includes hiding from yourself because of a lack of confidence.

You need to change, which is a huge part of running your own business anyway. Change. Become the business that you dream of. As long as it’s good and ethical that shouldn’t be a problem.

So, from the very beginning, YOU are the brand. Therefore, the best domain name for your budding internet marketing business is your name. YOU.

Choose a dot-com name, in some form or another. Maybe, if the first isn’t available. Even, if you have to.

Try not to move outside of a dot-com domain, because they are still the most known, trusted, accepted and searched-for type of domain names. If you really can’t find a suitable dot-com as your best domain name, go for the next biggest domain extension that you can; dot-us, dot-uk or dot-eu for example..

Avoid dot-biz domains if you can. When they were introduced in 2001, they were mostly snapped-up by ‘shady’ types of businesses; the sort you wouldn’t really like to buy from. They still carry that untrustworthy stigma today, and even though it may be unjustified a lot of people will avoid them.

I use a company called D9 Hosting for my domain registrations and website hosting. Why? Because they’re run by internet marketers, for internet marketers and they understand the needs of our business type. Their support and hosting are excellent, and I will never use anyone else.

Find your best domain name today.

It’s your business you’re building. The best domain name for you right now is your name.

Become famous!

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