Before we got our blog networking tips, week four of this fantastic online marketing course taught some essential pages that should be added to our blogs. I suppose spam protection and legal pages must seem boring, compared to blog networking. But vital for your success.

no spam emailsSetting-up the WordPress Askimet anti-spam service on my blog was painless. There’s so much comment spam flying around the internet, it really will ruin your search engine rankings before you’ve even got started.

I suppose that’s your first blog networking tip, isn’t it? Stop the spam right at the beginning, or you’ll never get search engine recognition for all of those comments and backlinks. Which means that your page rankings will be just about worthless, and you’ll have a website that nobody will ever find naturally.

Legal pages and GDPR were easily dealt with using a couple of plugins. I’ll write separate posts about those plugins at a later date; they dealt with basic legal compliance of my website so that I was covered, but I’d like to improve a few things about them at a later date. Once again though, everything was made very easy and clear in the course.

Blog Networking Tips

Onto the blog networking tips, which made up week five of the course …

Just what is blog networking?

Well, first of all, it’s a way to say to the search engines that ‘I’ve got a good, popular website’ and ‘people are linking to my site’. So here’s the next one of your blog networking tips: it helps to move your site up the page rankings of search engines. Not as much as it used to, but it still helps – as long as you stick to some guidelines.

blog networking tipsWhat you do is find other blogs that have content related to the type of subjects you write about on your blog; so sites that are in the same niche as you. Then you post a comment on one of their posts. Easy, eh!

Don’t link to or comment on poor, spammy blogs. If you do, you’re associating with those bad sites and the search engines will tar you with the same brush. Remember your Mom telling you not to hang out with the bad crowd? Same applies here!

Next one of your blog networking tips? Make what you write as a comment actually relate to the post you’re commenting on, which should be in the same niche as your website. Write your comment just as great as the content for your own site. Which is really good, right?

You can put a link in the comment, but sometimes it may be harmful to your blog networking and it isn’t really needed. If you do add a link, it should add value to the post that you’re commenting about, not add value to your bank balance.

Keep Going

Keep commenting on related blogs and websites, a couple a day or more, and it adds up over the months. We’re looking for every advantage we can, so keep plugging away! The most important¬† points to note are to make your comment add value to the post and discussion, to add each comment manually, and to be a valuable commenter; not a spammer.

I’ll add more blog networking tips in the future; these were just some of the basic ones.

Happy commenting!

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