Who is Graham Forrest?

In lots of ways, I’m probably just like you; I’m human, a nice person and believe in lots of good stuff for people, animals, nature and the planet. I’ve always worked hard and tried to do the best I possibly can in any job I’ve done, but my dream for the past 12 years or so has been to have an online marketing business.

I kept putting it off, but dabbled every now and then. Now I’m seriously on the way to making my internet marketing dream happen, and I really do wish I’d taken action and started properly many years ago. Don’t wait to begin working on your dream, will you?

Anyway, onto the main course, a very brief summary of my life … but make sure that you read this page right to the end, because there’s a point to be made!

Growing Up

I was born in Scotland, and because my Father was in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, our family of seven moved within the UK every couple of years or less. I’ve lived in loads of places in Scotland, England and Wales. In those days, the Armed Forces were really pitifully paid, and we were poor, although I was too young to realise it at the time!

One of my memories is of getting a new coat and eating well for a while because the coin-operated electricity meter readings were taken and we had overpaid, so my Mother got an immediate cash rebate. That was early 1970’s Scotland, folks! Generally, though, my childhood was happy. Despite the gang bullying, I was always out playing or going for day-long walks in the countryside, exploring the world on my own.

1974 saw me leave Johnstone High School to join the Royal Navy as an Artificer Apprentice – one of the very best apprenticeships in the world, which sadly doesn’t exist any more.

Why the Royal Navy? Like I said, we were poor. University wasn’t mentioned or any kind option, and I really wasn’t given a choice anyway. My Father fulfilled his duty and made sure that I had a career to go into. I’ll always be grateful to him for that.

Royal Navy Submarine Service

Straight away, I volunteered for the Royal Navy Submarine Service because I wanted something different. I started off on Oberon Class diesel-electric boats, then moved onto Swiftsure Class Fleet Nuclear Submarines and finally onto Vanguard Class Trident subs.

Royal Navy Submariner Badge

I’m extremely proud of my career as a submariner, working with the most professional people I have ever met and doing things that most people couldn’t even imagine. The sound of distant whalesong will stay with me forever!

The Royal Navy taught me a lot, and I left in the mid-1990’s as a Chief Petty Officer with enough qualifications to ensure that civilian life wouldn’t be too much of a challenge!

Why did I leave? There were a number of reasons. Firstly, the Berlin Wall had come down several years earlier. To all extensive purposes, the Cold War was over and I really didn’t believe that the UK, or any other country, needed nuclear weapons any more. Also, I’d never had a chance to set down any roots anywhere. I had been moving home throughout my whole life and I wanted to settle down.


In my first job after leaving the Navy, I was recruited by the UK division of a worldwide company as National Field Service Manager for the UK, in order to bring their network of independent service agents to work to a uniform Service Level Agreement.

Imagine how I felt when my employers wouldn’t actually let me do the job they had hired me to do, because they were afraid of losing large parts of their service network by holding them to a firm Contract. I left that job after 10 months, shaking my head in despair.

Having had a taste of the ‘real’ world, I decided that self-employment was the best bet for me, so I set up a Limited Company and began contracting in the computer service industry. I started at the ‘bottom’ as a site hardware engineer, taught myself continually, took professional courses when time and money allowed. I ended up at the top of my chosen field.

After 12 years of self-employment, I received an offer I couldn’t refuse; Technical Manager of the UK & Eire for a worldwide, integrated transport ticketing-system company. It was an extremely busy and rewarding role, regularly working 16-18 hour days with extensive travel. I thrived on the challenge, and gave the company everything I had.

In hindsight, I was fast approaching burnout 20 months later … when the parent company suddenly decided to downsize, and reduced their workforce by 95%.


The first I knew about it was when I was asked to go to the accountants office, and was given a cheque to cover one months salary, along with an ‘honour guard’ of security personnel to march me out of the building! That didn’t seem to be much of a thank-you for all of my hard work!

I didn’t know it at the time, but my downfall had begun.

It continued, rapid fire, over the next six months as personal tragedies followed. Outliving a child. Marriage down the pan. Depression. Mind-numbing medication. I’d become totally useless, lost and couldn’t even hold down a job stacking shelves part-time in a micro-mart. My savings were exhausted. I’d lost everything I cared about.

I was finished.

The Lesson

The reason why I asked you to read all of this page was to try and get the point across that it doesn’t matter how good, comfortable and safe your life is at the moment, it can change at any time. It doesn’t have to be your fault. A simple twist of fate, and your happy, healthy, secure life can change in an instant.

Often, just as in my case, those devastating twists of fate come one after another like an avalanche.

The only real financial security you have is the one that you make for yourself. That’s especially true with our modern ‘gig’ economy. Smart people will also see that increasing automation adds weight to that fact.

Which are all excellent reasons why you would be wise to develop an independent income stream. It gives you some kind of insurance, and eventually leads to financial independence if you work at it and don’t give up.


I’d tell you the story of my recovery and success, but it’s much too long for this page. Let’s just say that it took quite a few years and a whole lot of love!

Now, I’m happy, settled and still working hard. Older and wiser, I care deeply about people and the natural world. My attitude is that I’ll help you, as long as you’ll help yourself and don’t just want a free ride.

Life is good. I have the most wonderful Wife in the world and a fantastic family. What more do you need?

Ah, money! Well, I have enough to get by on, and I’m working on having more than enough. Then I can do more good stuff, both for those I love and also for people that need a helping hand, until they can help themselves.

Learn More About Me

Now and again I’ll write blog posts about things that have happened in my life. Not because I want to be put on a pedestal or seem superhuman, but so that you can see that internet marketers are just like you, in many ways. You don’t need to be anyone special to begin your internet marketing journey.

You just need to start; take the first step and begin your apprenticeship.

Anyway, you’ll be able to find any blog posts that I write about other parts of my life under the category of ‘About Me‘. I hope that something I write helps you in some way!

What About You?

What’s your ‘About Me’ page going to say? Because, apart from the things you can’t control, you’re the author.

It’s your life. Make it good. Make it happen. And don’t ever give up!