Monetizing Your Blog

There are so many ways of monetizing your blog, but week seven of my online marketing course introduced a few of them that I can begin to use right now. Google

adding social media to wordpress

Adding Social Media To WordPress

Adding social media to WordPress is really, really easy with OptimizePress. It's built-in to the fantastic WordPress theme that comes bundled, SmartTheme, so there's no need for any plugins or
blog networking tips

Blog Networking Tips

Before we got our blog networking tips, week four of this fantastic online marketing course taught some essential pages that should be added to our blogs. I suppose spam protection
list building in email marketing

List Building In Email Marketing

Basic list building in email marketing might seem to be difficult to learn, if only because of information overload. Well, it's made easy in week three of the internet marketing
Improving The Look Of My Blog

Improving The Look Of My Blog

Improving the look of my blog was the week-two topic of the online marketing course that I'm working through. It's not really 'work', by the way. Very enjoyable! There were more
Online In The First Week

Online In The First Week

The first week of my year-long business building workshop was surprisingly easy to complete. You've already read about the first task; finding your best domain name. Using short, clear videos I was
Find Your Best Domain Name

Finding Your Best Domain Name

Finding your best domain name was the first item on the checklist of this internet marketing course. Which makes a whole lot of sense, I'm sure you'll agree, considering that
best internet marketing course

Best Guide To Internet Marketing

I've found the best guide to internet marketing! How can I say that? Read on ... It's been over three years since I first decided to try internet marketing, also called